Policies & Pricing

     All piglets will be spayed/neutered before leaving, unless the piglet is female and under 5 lbs., at this time a spay contract will be provided to the buyer that requires the spay to be completed when the piglet achieves the adequate weight. 


All of our piglets are micro chipped using, "American Kennel Club's Companion Animal Recovery Service" micro chips.  This chip is a 15 digit ISO chip and must be inserted prior to delivery of your pig.  In the event that the pig is ever lost it will help animal shelters identify your baby. Our chips come with prepaid lifetime memberships.


Health Certificates, issued by our Veterinarian, will accompany each piglet. We will give each piglet their vaccines so they are up to date for approx. one year. (These vaccines are appropriate for the state of Georgia, your state may have different requirements.)  Please check with your vet to make sure that your piglet does not require additional vaccines.


Worming is up to date


Piglets are house-trained and/or litter-box trained


Each piglet comes with a book on mini pig care and is a great resource for new piggy parents.


Savannah Mini Pigs makes NO GUARANTEES as to the adult size of your piglet. Once leaving our care, we have no control over the feeding of your baby, and therefore we will not guarantee size.  Before purchasing your baby, you will be given the opportunity to visit the farm, or set up a Skype session to view each of the parents. Proper feeding of your baby piglet is essential to maintaining a healthy size.


 In the event that you are no longer able to provide a home for your pig, buyer must agree to return pig to Savannah Miniature Pigs. Travel fees payable by purchaser.  Refunds cannot be given, but WE WILL find a new loving home for your pig.  We charge no adoption fee. 


Prices for our piglets are based on an individual basis, based on color and size. Please contact us to inquire about the price of the piglet you are interested in, if it is not listed.